No this is not a pyramid scheme. A 68-year-old JSE Listed Financial Services Company regulated amongst others, by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), previously known as the Financial Services Board (FSB) will not partake in a pyramid scheme.

The formation of the DuePoint System was build taking into account that you are busy and do not have enough time on your hands. The system utilises leveraging of other people’s time and effort in order to maximise your returns and to assist make your income opportunity a success.

It is more embarrassing to lose your job, or not to be able to provide sufficiently for your family, than to earn a growing, recurring and sustainable income with DuePoint. Earning additional income with DuePoint will most likely allow you to be respected by your peers, family and friends as you possess more financial freedom.

DuePoint officially bars (restricts) you from selling. Since you are not an officially registered broker, financial planner, sales person or even a marker, you are not allowed to sell any of the DuePoint financial products to any person. The DuePoint system only require you to ‘connect’ individuals looking for an extra income with it.

Be assured, there are very few financial products in the market that are as competitive and reasonably priced as DuePoint products. In addition, the DuePoint products are easy to acquire, and do not discriminate against any person on the basis of age or place of residence.

DuePoint is a division of a registered 68-year-old Johannesburg Stock Exchange Listed Company (Constantia Insurance Group]) and thus very unlikely that it will disappear tomorrow.

One of the most successful investor in the world and the fourth wealthiest person on earth, Warrren Buffett, stated that one should never rely on a single source of income. The DuePoint system is designed to give you financial, time and psychological freedom.

Our advice is that you should start with the list of people that you currently know or meet on a regular basis (church, school, community, gatherings etc) and they, in turn, will lead you to more people. It is a fact that everybody knows enough people to make a success of this opportunity.

The DuePoint system is designed to take you through a step-by step learning process in order to make you a success. You cannot fail, unless if you do not follow the steps. If not DuePoint, then what is for you?

You may already have a good job…we are not encouraging you to resign from your job. Taking up this opportunity will rather enhance your current financial situation by adding on top of what your current good job is already providing.

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